Miss Nikky

Independent Female Escorts in Delhi

Want to date a blonde woman in Delhi?

Well, you must be surprised how it is possible to date a blonde woman and that too in Delhi.It is possible and that is through my escort service.

Let me introduce myself, I am Alicia a blonde Russian who came to India to discover its spiritual side and fell in love with this country. I love Indian culture, food, festivals and most important thing their warm culture. Indian Culture has made such an impact on me that I have decided to stay in India rest of my life.

By profession, I am a model and have appeared in lot of print, Television media campaign. Since, I do not have regular job, I also work as Delhi Escort Service to support my extravagance lifestyle.

I love every bit of this profession, the pampering and attention that you get from Indian males, you won’t get it from anywhere in the World. They really know how to treat women, what she likes, what she doesn’t and most importantly being gentle in bed; most important thing for any escort girl i.e. how his client treat her in bed.

I have a supermodel kind of figure which you see in Fashion TV, long blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin and well toned body. I regularly do Yoga and cardio to keep myself fit and never indulge in drinking and smoking at all.

I have observed that most Indian men are quite shy in nature and takes time to open up with women. They smile and admire you with eyes, but do not have guts to say hello to a beautiful girl in a party. As an escort in Delhi, I remove their inhibitions through my warm and friendly nature within an hour of meeting. I ensure that Indian men have as much fun as they have never experienced with any girl or anyone in their life at all.

My escort services in Delhi include

Sensual Massage combined with love making : I am quite expert in providing you sensual massage which takes all tension as well as stress from your body, but also infuse positive energy in you. My Massage service include tender touching your private parts of body , appreciating them through kissing as well as sensual love making to touch your inner soul and makes you realize what you want from life.

Travel Companion : I have travelled to most of Parts of India and can be an excellent tour guide where you can have adventures in day like trekking, river rafting, ski-falling, rock climbing and in night making wild love close to nature where no one bothers you with your stupid office work.

Seductive Dancing : Arousing you with seductive dancing where I remove my clothes slowly on a soft music later sleeping in your strong arms where you treat me like a queen through gentle kisses and stroking my private parts.

Wine and Dine: A one hour dinner in a good restaurant where you can share all things with me. It is ideal for those who are in a business trip in Delhi and would like to have a good time with a beautiful lady. I know all good restaurants in Delhi which serves excellent food at reasonable price; I can be an excellent food guide for you too.

As a Russian escorts in Goa, I know its emotional service for which most men come to visit us. Whether stressed out office going guy, lonely old men or tired businessmen, all of us expect a good company where they can fulfil their physical desires and share all their problems with me.

As a call girl in Delhi I ensure that my client goes with a smile on their face after spending time with me. Its client smile which makes me glad than money for providing good service.

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